Le grotte marine del Salento: censimento 2008


The census of submerged marine caves has been carried out around the Salento Peninsula 10 years after the last updating (ONORATO et al., 1999). In 10 years of speleodiving activity many unknown caves have been discovered and described. As a consequence, the list of submarine caves around the Salento Pensinsula has grown from 53 caves of the ONORATO et al. (1999) paper, to the 77 of the present report. Maps and descriptions have been collected for all the new caves, and updatings on speleology and biology have been illustrated from original articles, for some of the already known caves. All the information derived from 20 articles, 6 dissertations, 5 participations to conferences, which had as a study objective submarine caves along the Salento coastline, all occurred after the paper of ONORATO et al. (1999).

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v31p105

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