Volume 44 (2022)


Frontespizio e pagine iniziali Details     PDF

The second record of Crested oarfish Lophotus lacepede (Lophotidae) from the Algerian coast (southern Mediterranean Sea) Details     PDF
Farid Hemida, Christian Reynaud, Christian Capapé 3-8

Captures of the rare smoothback angel shark Squatina oculata (Squatinidae) from the Tunisian coast (central Mediterranean Sea) Details     PDF
Sihem Rafrafi-Nouira, Mourad Chérif, Christian Reynaud, Christian Capapé 9-16

Meristic and morphometric characters of Saurida tumbil (Actinopterygii: Aulopiformes: Synodontidae) from Iraq Details     PDF
Laith A. Jawad, Jassim M. Abed 17-26

Partial and hyper-melanic pigmentation in fishes collected from the marine waters of Iraq, Arabian Gulf Details     PDF
Laith A. Jawad, Falah Mutlak, Abbas Al-Faisal 27-40

The oscar, Astronotus ocellatus (Agassiz, 1831) (Cichlidae): a deliberate aquarium trade introduction in the Euphrates River, Iraq Details     PDF
Laith A. Jawad, Omar F. Al-Sheikhly, Kamil H. Al-Fayadhi 41-50

Assessment of water quality of Lake Viroi after the reconstruction of the park Details     PDF
Marsela Alikaj, Lirika Kupe, Elona Bahiti, Ferdi Brahushi 51-58

Land cover data assessment in Albania Details     PDF
Marsela Alikaj, Ferdi Brahushi, Lirika Kupe, Elona Bahiti 59-64

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