Gli acquiferi costieri del settore Bonagia-Cornino nel trapanese: prime analisi dei processi di contaminazione in relazione con la vulnerabilità sintacs


A large part of water destined to potable needs is usually satis fied by groundwater; consequently,in the last years,the researches aimed to assess the vulnerability of aquifers are increased,with the first goal to protect these appreciated resources. So,the investigation of possible pollution sources,mainly derived by human activities, becomes signi ficant.The problem often involves the coastal areas,which are more and more populated,as in the case of the Bonagia-Cornino locality (N-W Sicily). Here water resources receive important supplies by the fractured and karst units surrounding the plain.These formations constitute a pathway of sea encroachment too. The study, articulated in the usual, preliminary geological and hydrogeological phases,has led to a cartography of aquifer vulnerability to pollution as well as of the base quality of groundwater. Maps of transit parameters,relevant to SINTACS method of vulnerability evaluation,have also been realized,together with a group of binary diagrams and contouring maps relevant to the principal chemical constituents of groundwater. The aquifer contamination processes in the investigated area,in this paper described,depend upon natural as well as arti ficial phenomena,which have deeply altered the water quality. Finally,this note hints at the correlation procedures between vulnerability of the area and quality of groundwater,proposing their survey by means of statistical procedures: aim could be also the enhancement of the systems currently experimented for the estimation of the intrinsic vulnerability to pollution.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v29supp265

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