Centenario della nascita di Pietro Parenzan


The 100th anniversary of the birth of Pietro Parenzan, the founder of the Marine Biology Station of Porto Cesareo, and of the journal Thalassia Salentina, has been commemorated at the Museum of the cited Marine Biology Station on 21 December 2002. Program of the commemotation consisted in an exhibition opening and a meeting.The exhibition, based on bibliographic investigation in his publications, illustrated the numerous fields of interest in which Pietro Parenzan worked: Speleology, Parasitology, Teratology, Malacology, Marine Biology and many others. Meeting was subdivided in two sections: life, to commemorate the personage, and studies, to remember his naturalistic activity. In the first section Paolo Parenzan, Pietro’s son, remembered his father; Raffaele Sambati, first major of Porto Cesareo, and Livio Ruggiero, first responsible of the collaboration with University, talked about relations among Pietro Parenzan, Porto Cesareo town and University of Lecce; Michele Camassa, the last Parenzan’s pupil, remembered the other Museum founded by Pietro Parenzan: the Subsoil Biology Museum of Latiano. Some of the numerous scientific activity were remembered in the second section from Marco Oliverio (University of Rome I) about malacology and Genuario Belmonte (University of Lecce) about naturalistic expeditions.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v27p3

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