Cyclopoida and Harpacticoida (crustacea: Copepoda) of the Gulf of Gabès: a review


This study presents a faunal list of Cyclopoida and Harpacticoida in the Gulf of Gabès waters. A total of 30 Cyclopoida and 11 Harpcticoida species belonging to 5 and 8 families, respectively, were reported in this study area. Corycaeidae is the most diversified family with 10 species including the invasive Atlantic species, Ditrichocorycaeus amazonicus. The Oithonidae (mainly Oithona nana) were dominant in the coastal waters, whereas they declined in the offshore area, most likely due to the influence of the Atlantic Tunisian Current.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v42p93

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