Fluctuatig asymmetry in the otolith of the mugilid fish Liza kluzingeri (Day, 1888) from Persian Gulf near Bandar Abbas


Fluctuating asymmetry was calculated for the otolith length, width, and thickness in the adult fish Liza klunzingeri. The results showed that the level of asymmetry of the otolith width was the highest among the three asymmetry values obtained. The asymmetry value was zero for the otolith thickness. The results also showed that the lowest level of asymmetry in the otolith length was at the fish length ranging between 14.1-15.0 mm, and the higest at the fish length 17.1-18.0 mm, while asymmetry was zero at fish length 12.1-13.0. For the otolith width, the lowest level of asymmetry is at the fish length ranging between 13.1-14.0 mm and the highest at the fish length ranging between 17.1-18.0 mm while the value of asymmetry was zero in the fish length ranging from 12.1-13.0 mm. The possible cause of the asymmetry in this species has been discussed in relation to the general presence of pollutants in the area. An increasing asymmetry with the fish length (age) was noticed.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v33p95

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