L'invenzione della metapsicologia come strumento per spiegare l'inconscio ai contemporanei: quelli di Freud o i nostri? (Per una "immagine" della psicoanalisi)


The metapsychology of Freud had a great success in promoting psychoanalysis because it was an easy and accessible explanation, in accord with the concepts of the time. Today, after a century and more, this function has failed, because the general scientific concepts wich we can refer to are different, psychoanalysis itself is quite different and more advanced than that of Freud's time. Methapsychology has been criticized and now appears questionable, but ordinary people – ie the not expert ones – know only and in part the Freud's methapsycology.The result is a current negative image of psychoanalysis and of SPI itself: the Freud's legacy in actual perception becomes an identification of SPI to a theory that was popular a century ago but is nowaday judged as no longer scientific.In this paper we argue that our present clinical practice contains a new and different methapsychology that needs to be extracted, formulated, formalized in order to relaunch a new and adequate picture of psychoanalysis and SPI itself.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vxixn34p57

Keywords: metapsychology; epistemology; Freud's legacy; update explanations

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