Morsi: rave e taranta, un’estetica della corporeità ebbra


The end of the Eighties and till to the beginning of the Nineties were the years of the beginning of Rave culture in Europe and in Italy. The study will analyze the analogies between the origin of the Taranta night and the rave wave who lasted for a few years. Through the categories of tribù (Maffesoli), music, night and TAZ (Bey), the author will accompany the reader into a journey where space and time are not the traditional ones anymore: they are subverted thanks to the repetitivity of a music like Taranta and Techno. Dystopian places and sciamanic attitude to rituals within the praxis of the dance, make Taranta Night and Rave culture in a constant dynamic between past and future

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v4i2p47

Keywords: Rave; techno; taranta; neotribù; dionysiac; sciamanism

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