Vol. 10, No. 1 (2017). Special issue: Democracy in Latin America


Quality of Democracy in Latin America Details     PDF
Simón Pachano, Manuel Anselmi 1-7

Special Issue

The State Participatory Budgeting in Rio Grande do Sul. Some Evidences from Pampas Details     PDF
Davide Carbonai, Alfredo Alejandro Gugliano, Sergio Camiz 8-24

Democracy, Support for Democracy and Corruption. A Longitudinal Study of Latin American Countries Details     PDF
Davide Grassi, Vincenzo Memoli 25-46

Conceptualizing Kirchnerismo Details     PDF
Enrique Peruzzotti 47-64

Democracy and Representation in Paraguay Details     PDF
Liliana Rocío Duarte-Recalde 65-88

The Quality of the Venezuelan Demoracy under Hugo Chavez (1999-2013) Details     PDF
Javier Corrales, Manuel Hidalgo 89-118

Special Section

Alternative Forms of Resilience Confronting Hard Economic Times. A South European Perspective Details     PDF
Maria Kousis 119-135

Alternative Forms of Resilience. A typology of approaches for the study of Citizen Collective Responses in Hard Economic Times Details     PDF
Maria Kousis, Maria Paschou 136-168

Back to Solidarity-Based Living? The Economic Crisis and the Development of Alternative Projects in Portugal Details     PDF
Britta Baumgarten 169-192

Social Support Actions as Forms of Building Community Resilience at the Onset of the Crisis in Urban Greece: The Case of Chania Details     PDF
Marina Papadaki, Stefania Kalogeraki 193-220

Crisis, Urban Segregation and Social Innovation in Catalonia Details     PDF
Helena Cruz, Moreno Rubén Martínez, Ismael Blanco 221-245

Political Consumerism and Producerism inTimes of Crisis. A Social Movement Perspective? Details     PDF
Massimiliano Andretta, Riccardo Guidi 246-274

Open Section

Social Movements and New Forms of Political Organization: Podemos as a Hybrid Party Details     PDF
Daniela Chironi, Raffaella Fittipaldi 275-305

Italian Students as a Political Actor. The Policy Impact of the Recent Student Mobilizations in the Field of Higher Education Details     PDF
Lorenzo Cini 306-332

Book Reviews

Castelli Gattinara, Pietro (2016), The Politics of Migration in Italy. Perspectives on local debates and party competition, New York: Routledge, pp. 214. Details     PDF
Teresa M. Cappiali 333-335

John Cianchi, John (2015), Radical Environmentalism: Nature, Identity and More-than-human Agency, Palgrave Macmillan, UK, pp. 191. Details     PDF
Alam Meredian 336-339

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