Volume 58 (2023) - Special Issue

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Positioning and Identity in Digital Discourse Details     PDF
Marina Bondi, Silvia Cacchiani 1-270

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Table of Contents Details     PDF

Positioning and identity in digital discourse. An introduction Details     PDF
Marina Bondi, Silvia Cacchiani 5-22

Oppositional Discourse in the digital transformation. A contrastive analysis between face-to-face and video-mediated interviews in English Details     PDF
Roberta Facchinetti 23-42

Can interfaces and social profiles ‘speak without words’? Social platforms as ideological tools to shape identities and discourses Details     PDF
Sandra Petroni 43-63

COVID-19: Exploring linguistic indicators of conspiratorial thinking in the media. A case study of Coronacast Details     PDF
Matthew Groicher, Rosita Maglie 65-89

Talking about freedom. Figurative tropes on the Marginal Revolution blog Details     PDF
Silvia Cacchiani 91-111

Bullying explained to children and teenagers. Knowledge dissemination, interpersonal meaning and participants’ roles on educational websites Details     PDF
Annalisa Sezzi 113-130

News press releases in digital environments. A contrastive genre and corpus-based approach to promoting inclusiveness within two LGBT+ organizations Details     PDF
Federico Zaupa 131-152

The discursive construction of equality, diversity and inclusion. Insights from an analysis of CSR reports in the USA, UK and Japan Details     PDF
Donatella Malavasi 153-171

Eco-friendly language, sustainability claims, and power relations in green advertising discourse Details     PDF
Marina Niceforo 173-196

New concepts and meanings of slow. The case of Slow Art Details     PDF
Jessica Jane Nocella 197-221

On the verge between Ancient and Modern Times. A linguistic analysis of Urban Exploration practices Details     PDF
Silvia Cavalieri, Sara Corrizzato, Valeria Franceschi 223-246

Wine promotion on Facebook. A linguistic comparison of posts by producers from English-speaking countries Details     PDF
Francesca Bianchi, Elena Manca 247-269

Colophon Details     PDF

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