Mezzogiorno e politiche di sviluppo territoriale dalla fine dell’intervento straordinario al 2012


1992 marks the end of extraordinary intervention, that had characterized the Southern policies for over forty years. At the beginning, this intervention was developed through the «Southern development Fund» (Cassa per il Mezzogiorno), according to the Law 646/1950. Later, the «Agency for the promotion and development of South» (AgenSud, Law 64/1986) completed it. The period, following to 1992, is characterized by the rise of ordinary incentive tools for all the “weak areas” of the Country (Law 488/1992) and by a new politics of intervention, built on the experience of the «New Planning» (Nuova Programmazione), influenced by the «New economic Geography». This different approach lets to the italian politics of development to approach the methods coming from the model of european cohesion. Considering the general historical-political-economic background, this article analyzes: a) the reasons of the proposed changing; b) the nature and the purposes of the new method of intervention; c) a brief valuation of the results.

Keywords: storia del Mezzogiorno; politiche di sviluppo territoriale; Cassa per il Mezzogiorno; legge 488/1992; «Nuova Programmazione»; politiche di coesione europea; history of Southern Italy; policies of territorial development; «Southern development Fund»; Law 488/1992; «New Programming»; european cohesion policies

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