Notabili campani tra comunità e società


The city of Naples has always made social dynamics of Campania specific and, at times, conflicting. We can, then, to find in the same region notables who acted within the community and notables who have acted in corporate, according to the dichotomy community / society. It existed, therefore, a notability born in the city, with knowledge and acquaintances and professional institutional and notables born in rural and owner with knowledge and professional behavior patterns. On the other hand, even in the pre- sence of this dichotomy, one can not disregard the ductility of the model notabilare in different times and spaces. The figure seems to recur through representatives who, despite not starting from family background and social type notabilare, aim to take back the types of behavior and cultural. Notables, therefore, representative of different historical and political moments, but also adaptable to different social and environmental circumstances. The party leaders who established themselves in the early years of the twentieth century took immediately behavior notabilari.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i11211156a21n2p41

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