Entertainment Highway in Cina. Il ruolo delle piattaforme online nell'analisi della reputazione sociale = Entertainment Highway in China. The role of online platforms in shaping the social credit system


This article provides an analysis on the history of the Chinese Social System taking into account three directions: first, it refers to policy documents issued by the State Council of PRC; second, it refers to the experience of Sina Weibo Credit System; third, it focuses on the failed experience of the Sesame Credit System. The present research has a double aim. First, it highlights the importance of the media history to frame relevant Chinese Internet dynamics; second, it suggests an alternative to study the Chinese Social Credit System going beyond to the dichotomy vision state – citizens and its preconditions mainly based on state surveillance and Confucianism traditions. Whereas, the present article, in line with the rationale of the special issue, highlights the role played by Chinese private companies and more importantly, their attitude to shape the structure and the management of their platforms and services boosting the importance of entertainment.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n16p27

Keywords: Internet in China; Social Credit Syste; Sesame Credit; Weibo Credit; Entertainment; digital media history

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