Questo non è un articolo ... La mercificazione del lavoro universitario=This Is Not an Article ... The Commodification of the University Work


This Is Not an Article ... The Commodification of the University Work. This article aims to shed a new light on some perverse effects in the managerialisation of Higher Education institutions. First of all, we discuss the sense of the change that is involving the scientific research in contemporary society, whose the current practices of bibliometric evaluation are in the same time both expression and an operational tool. The scientific knowledge is more and more becoming something that has to be managed as a commodity. Then, we analyse the main consequences of this upheaval of knowledge from the point of view of the “artistic critics” and of the “social critics” according to the concepts of Luc Boltanski and Éve Chiapello. Finally, we would like to suggest that the evaluation devices are a sheer ritual of truth aiming to conceal the arbitrary choices in the university governance and to improve a regime of biopolitics concerning knowledge.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n5p55

Keywords: Higher Education; Meritocracy; Quality of Research; Bibliometrics; Evaluative State; Biopolitics of Knowledge

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