Appunti su Pornografia, Persona, Vocazione, Professione=Notes about Pornography, Person, Vocation, Profession


Notes about Pornography, Person, Vocation, Profession. Pornography refers to human nature with much more transparency and immediacy than any of its cultural definitions and theoretical disguise. The fact that, in the widespread dimension of the "glocal" interactivity of networks, the individual or rather his "naked person" can relate directly with their own flesh offers a perspective that is radically anti-sapiential. Anti theoretical. Anti-dialectics. Anti-design. The physiological perception of dark matter does not follow but precedes the rational and instrumental dimension of thinking: it involves the most uncontrollable and automatic "animal" instincts of human beings. Pornography promotes the anti-humanist vision of "person" and its centrality has to be considered as the ground on which to operate the only move that can show what it would take to stop the crisis of vocation, and consequently of reputation of the ruling classes: with no vocation professions are bound to the existent.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n5p21

Keywords: pornography; crisis of vocation; reputation

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