Exponentiated Weibull Burr Type X Distribution’s Properties and Its Applications


This study proposes a new distribution called exponentiated Weibull Burr type X distribution which provides greater flexibility in fitting the survival data. We derive several statistical properties of the proposed distribution, which consist of the quantile function, moment, order statistics, and Renyi entropy. We use maximum likelihood approach to estimate the proposed distribution’s parameters. Simulation study is then conducted with varying samples sizes and parameter values for examining the performance of the suggested distribution. Lastly, real data are used to illustrate the flexibility and performance of the proposed distribution, its sub-models, and some extension of Burr type X distribution. The results reveal that the suggested distribution yields a better model fit in comparison with other competing models. In conclusion, the proposed distribution able to model a wide range of survival data, including data with decreasing, increasing, bathtub, and unimodal hazard functions. Perhaps it may perform better than its sub-models in fitting the survival data.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v15n3p553


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