Individual and contextual determinants of inter-regional mobility in cancer patients


This paper will present an investigation of inter-regional mobility in patients with a diagnosis of cancer. By virtue of the availability of geocoded information relating to a patient's place of residence, the effect of socio-economic status and other individual characteristics regarding inter-regional mobility will be analysed by means of multilevel logit models. The results demonstrate the influence of age and comorbidity on mobility propensity, in addition to the treatment type, which plays a role in patient mobility. As contextual determinants, patients  residing in less deprived areas show greater mobility than those who reside in materially deprived areas. The extent of patient mobility, and its dependence on their socio-economic status raises issues of equity, as well as regional policy considerations.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v12n1p14

Keywords: Patient mobility, Equity, Geocoding, Sicily


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