Double acceptance sampling plan for time truncated life tests based on transmuted new Weibull-Pareto distribution


In this paper, a two points acceptance sampling method were used to draw a decision on accepting or rejecting a tested product. It is also, assumed that the life time product following a new distribution that formulated based on Weibull and Pareto life time distributions that it is known as new Weibull-Pareto (NWP) distribution. The mean life time in the second stage is obtained based on a pre-specified life time in the first one and the quality of a is evaluated by computing the operating characteristic values and the minimum ratios of the mean life. The results illustrated and numerical example were given.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v9n3p520

Keywords: Double Acceptance Sampling Plan; Time Truncated Life Tests; new Weibull-Pareto Distribution; Operating Characteristic Function; Consumer's Risk

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