Estimation in the Exponentiated Kumaraswamy Dagum distribution with censored samples


In a recent note, Huang and Oluyede (2014) proposed a new model called the exponentiated Kumaraswamy Dagum (EKD) distribution with applications to income and lifetime data. In this note, this distribution is shown to be a very competitive model for describing censored observations in lifetime reliability problems. This work shows that in certain cases, the EKD distribution performs better than other parametric model such as the exponentiated Kumaraswamy Weibull distribution and its sub-models, which include some of the commonly used models in survival analysis and reliability analysis, such as the exponentiated Weibull, Weibull and exponential distributions.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v8n1p122

Keywords: Generalized Distribution; Kumaraswamy Distribution; Dagum Distribution.


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