Contributo alla conoscenza floristica dei licheni italiani: Florula Lichenica del tratto costiero adriatico salentino Torre Rinalda - Le Cesine (Le)


In this work the first results of a lichenological survey in the coastal area between Torre Rinalda and "Le Cesine" (Lecce-South Italy) are eported. Altogether in this area 74 species have been listed, prevalently temperate-mediterranean taxa. The presence of genus Parmotrema (P. chinense, P. hypoleucinum, P. eticulatum) shows that this taxon is not confined along the Tyrrenian coast, where it is common.Particularly, P. hypoleucinum is very abundant and luxuriant in the sheltered area "Le Cesine", a humid zone of international importance, maybe owing to the microclimatic conditions (high humidity, chill Balkan winds).

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v27p131

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