Osservazioni ecologiche sui coleotteri della Puglia a sud del Gargano e provincia di Matera


The results of ecological observations on terrestrial Coleopters since 1960 by the authour and collaborators (c. 460 species coming from c. 80 localities) are exposed. The no of species is compared with the values of Lang’s rainfactor and with altitude. Whereas Lang’s value does not influence the no of species, which demonstrate to be bound to the different values, for the altitude there is a concentration at low values (coastal and lowland species) and another for relatively hingh values (hilly, Murge-species). The no of species per locality varies rather regularly, prevailing the localities with a low no (from 2 to 15). For some species the geographical distribution is illustrated (relict, endemic species, etc.). The biotopes of particular ecological and or biogeographical interest are listed, particularly those today menaced of extinction. The increase of tourism is graphically shown for Puglia and Basilicata, compared with the increase of population, demostrating the higher impact of tourism on environment in Puglia. Also the increase of population density in the different provinces of Puglia during the last 30 years is graphically illustrated, demostrating the various degrees of anthropization occurred in this Region. Some measures of protection of Coleopterous insects together with their environment are suggested.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v20p29

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