Data on the Order Julida, Diplopoda Class (Millipedes) in the area of Levan, Fier in Albania


Julida order is part of the class Diplopoda, in the group Myriapoda. They belong to the subphylum Mandibulata, phylum Arthropoda. The order Julida is represented by species with significant distribution in our country and in the region. The data for the millipedes of Albania come mostly from partial studies, mainly done by foreign and local researchers. The object of this study is Julida order species collected in Levan, Fier. In this presentation are given the zoological and ecological data of the Order Julida. The study's objectives are: to identify the species of the order Julida in the study area; the ecological factors that limit or influence their spread; their zoogeographic spread compared to other areas of Albania or the region. About 80 species of this order have been identified in Albania. This is considered almost 50% of the expected species of Albania. The order Julida represents one of the richest orders of the class Diplopoda, including types of terrestrial environments, decomposers, and phytophagous. They are not of particular importance to the human economy, neither are known as pests of agricultural crops nor serve as vectors of human diseases. The collection of individuals was carried out from June 2019 to June 2021. The collection was done mainly by hand, but also with soil sieves. The gathering places were under stones, in tree barks, under the leaves, or in the upper layer of the soil. The collection stations were selected based on the habitat type. It was taken into consideration whether it is a forest area, a hilly area with cultivated plants, or a plane. In this study, systematic categories have been identified, including nine species represented in five genera and two families.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v44supp93

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