Comparative data on the palynomorphological characteristics of pollen grains study of four Sedum species in Albania


Four species of Sedum genus from twentyone species of this genus present in the flora of Albania such as: litoreum, sexangulare, cepaea and rubens were analyzed comparatively for their palynomorphological characteristics versus the hispanicum specie of Albanian palynological literature sources. By the comparative study of palynomorphological features of pollen grains of analyzed species, it was noted that the pollen grains of four plants: litoreum, sexangulare, cepaea and hispanicum were three furrows and three pores, while at the pollen grains of Sedum rubens were presented as variable from three furrows and three pores to four furrows and four pores. Based on P/E ratio, the shapes of pollen grains of four species studied were varied from prolate spheroidal to oblate spheroidal, triangular or tetrangular in polar view and oblique in equatorial one. The furrows were with sharp edges and rounded end and the pores were elliptical, located within the contour of the furrow with exine remnant. The exine sculpture varied from rugulate at the pollen grains of three species: litoreum, sexangulare and hispanicum, to reticulate with uniform reticle at cepaea specie and varied from reticulate to rugulate at Sedum rubens. The biggest polar and equatorial axis dimensions were identified at Sedum rubens plant, while in terms of thickness of exine, length of furrow and mesocolpium the biggest size of pollen grains was found at hispanicum specie. While in terms of pore length appeared to be the largest at cepaea specie and for the width of furrow at Sedum litoreum plant. Regarding to the palynological indicator of pore width, it was seen that the pollen grains of three species: cepaea, rubens and litoreum had the largest dimensions simultaneously.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v44supp77

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