The palynomorphological characteristics of Pancratium Maritimum L. (Amaryllidaceae) in Albania


This article provides data on the palynological study of Pancratium maritimum L. of the Amaryllidaceae family in Albania. Pancratium is a bulbous perennial herb that is very tolerant to dry climates. It grows mainly in the coastal sandy areas of our country. The material for the study was taken fresh from the sandy area of the beaches of Durres to Divjaka, Lushnje. The processing of the material was done with the method of acetolysis and basic fuchsine. Fixation of pollen grains in microscopic preparations was done with the glycerin gelatin method.The microscopic study of the pollen grains as well as their photography was done with a microscope with X 1000 magnification. The pollen grains of these plants varied from oblate ellipsoid to oblate spheroid, heteropolar, monocolpate. The exine appears thick and has two layers. The sculpture of exine is reticulate. The palynomonomological study of these representatives is given for the first time in the literature of palynology.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v44supp69

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