Planning and delivering nature-based solutions (NbS) in urban lakes and watersheds in Tirana municipality


The aim of this paper is to streamline our position on nature-based solutions in urban lakes and catchments within territory Tirana municipality. The risk of ecosystems collapse becomes truth in the continuous era of climate changes, while devastation of natural disasters, biodiversity loss, and food and water scarcity are associated issues. Further on, urban lakes and watersheds, along with other freshwater ecosystems around the planet, are placed at the edges due to human induced factors. At the current circumstances urban lakes surrounding Tirana i.e. Bovilla, Tirana, Farka, Paskuqani, Kashari, Prushi Lakes, etc., are subject to some of land use changes and heaviest use and harmful anthropogenic impacts. Integration of lakes into strategic and territorial planning (even in a multi-center concept) will directly influence on climate mitigation, green areas increased (surface per capita due to linkage with surrounding environment) and improving the nature resilience capacity. So, the survey aimed at 1) analyzing the current position NbS in the circumstances and directions of planning, strategic and other plans in Tirana municipality; 2) Understanding the current activities related to NbS following the human-nature interaction mainly from the lakes position; 3) delivering the potential of including NbS with focus to lakes and green infrastructure in the local policy; 4) identifying the NbS integration challenges in urban policy. The role of NbS within entire green infrastructure in urban resilience is well addressed.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v44supp33

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