Meristic and morphometric characters of Saurida tumbil (Actinopterygii: Aulopiformes: Synodontidae) from Iraq


Morphometric and meristic characters of the greater lizardfish Saurida tumbil were examined from the marine waters of Iraq, Arabian Gulf. Eight morphometric (in the percentage of the total fish length) and six meristic traits have been analyzed. No significant differences were observed between male and female fish specimens, except for length of dorsal fin and predorsal length, which have shown isometric growth; the rest of the morphometric characters showed negative allometry. This study provides data to fishery biologists regarding the morphometric traits of S. tumbil, for conservation policies of this fish species of Iraqi waters.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v44p17

Keywords: Arabian Gulf; Basrah; Saurida; meristic traits; body proportions

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