Considering landscape and water in the Dumrea region: challenges for integrated planning and sustainability


In this paper is presented the Dumrea Lake District, a unique landscape and geographical feature in the central part of Albania. Beside the importance landscapes were neglected, while the current state of affected water bodies is clear indicators of a non sustainable and integrated development. Integration of WFD and Landscape Directive into planning is another aspect of this contribution. An integrated landscape and water management plan can increase the quality of life in particular for the less favored residents of the Dumrea region. The wider European milestones, the WFD and the European landscape directive are considered as tools for the establishment of ground guidelines in landscape and water administration and planning on different spatial scales. Environmental, social and economic incentives have to be integrated to preserve the given qualities and to develop the potentials of the wider Dumrea region. All actors' local, regional and central has to strengthen the integration policy and further develop comprehensive territorial planning and implementation mechanism.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v40sup2p147

Keywords: environmental; integrated planning; ecosystem stability; sustainable planning

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