Zoogeographical study of centipededes (Chilopoda class) in Vlora region


This study provides data on the zoogeography of the centipedes and contributes in the recognition of the non-vertebral variety. The study was carried out through the collection of biological material and the systematic determination of the collected material up to order, family, genus and species. Data on zoogeographic distribution in the studied area has been compared with the data on national and the Balkan region. As comparison basis with the spreading boundaries for the defined species in the studied area it’s been used the literature on zoogeographic spreading of species of the Chilopoda. Findings are also compared with their gathering places in Albania and Balkan, based on previous studies conducted in our country by local and foreign researchers. Through this study, analytic comparisons of the spread of species identified in the area are made.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v40sup2p83

Keywords: Centipede; Chilopoda; Zoogeography; Taxonomy

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