New floristic records for Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park


In this article we present data for new floristic records on the flora of Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, which extends at north – east of Librazhdi town, in the border with Macedonia. It has a total surface 33,927.66 ha and the altitude varies from 300 m to 2264 m a. s. l. The Park is under the administration of Elbasan Regional Administration of Protected Areas (RAPAs) and is one of the largest Albanian National Parks, with great values especially of being home to a rich wild flora and fauna as well, that needs further explorations due to difficult terrains and roads. The Park is known for its diversity of vascular native flora and until now it comprises more than 1000 taxa, with a large number of endemic and sub-endemic species. During our exploration we found many taxa, which are reported here for the first time as present in the park area. Many of them have limited Europe distribution being native to Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey such as: Fritillaria macedonica Bornm., Vincetoxicum speciosum Boiss. & Spruner, Crocus jablanicensis N. Randjel. & V. Randjel. and others widespread, as: Tulipa sylvestris L., etc. that increase even more the number of floristic richness of this protected area.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v40sup2p45

Keywords: Flora; plant diversity; botany; Albania

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