Pollen grains morphology of Crepis albanica (jav.) Babcock (Sin. C. Baldaccii subsp. Albanica jav.)


This article includes the palynological study of pollen grains of Crepis albanica. The plant Crepis albanica is part of the Red List of Wild Flora of Albania. The material for the study is taken in National Herbarium in Tirana. For the palynological study of pollen grains of Crepis albanica is used acetolysis method and basic fuchsine. In order that the pollen grains stuck is used glycerin gelatin. The photos and the observation of palynological features are realized with light microscope with 1000X power. This study also includes the comparison of palynomorphological characteristics at Crepis albanica with Crepis dioscoridis, Crepis foetida, Crepis neglecta and Crepis aurea. From observation of pollen grains of Crepis albanica results that they are tricolporate. The shape of pollen grains from the outline is oblate spheroide. Exina appears thick, two- layers and with echinate sculpture of echinolophate type.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v40sup2p39

Keywords: Crepis albanica; pollen grains; exine; echinolophate

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