Una nuova stazione adriatica di Sarcopoterium spinosum (L.) Spach presso Brindisi


Sarcopoterium spinosum (L.) Spach [Poterium spinosum L., Spinaporci] is a SE-stenomediterranean species, widespread in the coastal thermo-Mediterranean zone of Aegean islands, of mainland Greece and the Ionian islands, of coastal Anatolia; in the Western part of Mediterranean coast, the species is located in more fragmented sites on the Balkan Coast and in Tunisia (Djerba); there is also a small population of S. spinosum in Malta, while in Italy the species reaches the western limit of its distribution, with the populations in Sardegna, and it occurs in other three locations: Calabria, Apulia and Sicily. Its distribution in Apulia included until now one location, on the ionian side of Salento: Palude del Capitano, near Nardò (Lecce). This issue deals with a new record at "Punta Penne-Punta del Serrone", above of Brindisi. This location is far a little more than 50 km from the other stand, and it is the only one on the Adriatic coast of Italy. The environment consists of a low and rocky coast, settled by succulent and perennial halophytes (Arthrocnemum macrostachyum (Moric.) Moris, Limonium virgatum (Willd.) Fourr e Atriplex portulacoides L.) and little "embryonic shifting dunes" (code 2110 Council Directive 92/43/EEC). In the inner area there are salt marshes with Juncus acutus L. and Schoenus nigricans L. or patches of maquis. In this habitat occurs Sarcopoterium, in association with Thymbra capitata (L.) Cav., Calicotome infesta (Presl) Guss. subsp. infesta, Myrtus communis L., Cistus ssp. and other sclerophyllous scrubs. The whole stand consists of about 100 plants, with a good natural spread.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v34p33

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