Stati modificati di coscienza: la prospettiva fenomenologica


The hypnotic trance is common to various altered states of consciousness including: the ecstasies, the stigmata, miraculous healings, hallucinations, OBEs (out of body experiences), the hypnagogic state, near-death experiences, mystical death and the lucid dream. The author after analyzing the aforementioned states of consciousness, focuses on hypnosis and trance, exposing his own model, according to a phenomenological-existential perspective. Phenomenology, with its special methods, indeed, can function as a kind of bridge over which pass through the connections between "things" and their experiences as intimate to existence. It has in common with the hypnology the study of consciousness, that is fundamental in the study of trance in all its forms. This "common object" between phenomenology and hypnology, can shed light on many gray areas in which hypnosis is still wrapped. This enlightenment can only facilitate the study of the various mental processes as part of general psychology.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXVn26p69

Keywords: altered states of consciousness; hypnosis; existential-phenomenological perspective

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