Cambiamenti nella clinica psicoanalitica, assetto teorico della psicoanalisi e “immagine” della psicoanalisi


The Author puts a question about what may be the social image of psychoanalysis among other sciences Scholars and in most popular ideas about psychoanalysis. The problem may be relevant for psychoanalysts and their Institutions, for all psychotherapists and their education and for everybody who needs for a help in his/her mental health. An indefinitedness of psychoanalytic theory and its concepts and a gap between the progress of psychoanalytic clinic and its theory, may concur to a misunderstanding of psychoanalysis in the general scientific panorama as in a large public net, so that a negative image of psychoanalysis is produced. Theories much more than clinic may be understood by not-psychoanalytic people. A more univocal psychoanalysts language and a better explicitation of what may be known like "psychoanalysis' theory" can better show the progress of nowadays psychoanalytic clinics. A more definite theory for a righter understanding by other mind sciences Scholars is needed, so that people may have a more correct "image" about what nowadays psychoanalysis is.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i17201632vXVn26p13

Keywords: psychoanalytic image; clinic changes; theorical setting

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