Project and realization of a microbeam at 2.48 nm


In this article, the geometry of the optical system, the software/hardware control system and the preliminary measures of the monochromatic beam intensity will be reported. The high X ray conversion efficiency of the Yttrium (Y) used as target in a plasma source, will be important in the realization of an intense monochromatic X-ray beam. In particular, we collect and focus a monochromatic soft X-rays beam at the wavelength of 2.48 nm (500 eV) by multilayer spherical mirror. These mirrors reflect at an angle of incidence close to the normal of the surface. Moreover, the improvements of the optical system are presented: from the currently with a magnification about 2 in the focal spot to have a magnification less than or equal to 1. In this way, we obtain a monochromatic microbeam to be used in radiobiological topics and in transmission X-ray microscopy. A new microbeam system is being implemented at the PLASMA-X laboratory in University of L'Aquila.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883051029p34

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