Polycrystalline diamond films grown by MWPECVD technique and application in photocathodes


Diamond is an extremely interesting material for photoemission applications, due to the negative electron affinity which can be obtained after suitable surface treatments. In the present work, two sets of polycrystalline diamond films, characterized by dif-ferent thickness and deposition conditions, are ana-lyzed. In particular, the relationship among the grain size, the amount of non-diamond carbon (sp2) located at the grain boundaries and the film sensitivity as a photocathode has been found and carefully investi-gated. The photoemission yield in the UV range has been evaluated for all the samples, before and after hydrogenation process, and after air exposure. The critical parameter for the photocathode performances has been found not to be the film thickness, but the properties of polycrystalline diamond films, tunable with the plasma modulation and the methane percent-age in the gas mixture.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883050886p75

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