Tof ion spectra de convolution for lasergenerated plasmas


A study of different targets (Fe, Ti, Ni, Al2O3) ablation, in vacuum, by using a ns Nd:YAG laser radiation, 1064 nm and 532 nm (second harmonic) wavelengths, is reported. Laser pulse with high intensity generates a plasma at the target surface, with high non-isotropic emission of neutral and ion species, mainly emitted along the normal to the target surface. Time of flight (TOF) measurements are performed by using an ion collector consisting of a collimated Faraday cup placed along the normal to the target surface and an Ion Energy Analyzer (IEA) detector. The TOF spectra are converted as a function of the ions velocity and they are deconvolved for the various ion charge states by using the “Coulomb-Boltzmann shifted” function approach through the “Peakfit” mathematical code. The fit of the experimental distribution data permits to estimate the equivalent plasma temperature and the average energy shift of the distributions as a function of the ion charge state. This energy shift leads to the evaluation of the electric field producing the ion acceleration inside the plasma.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883050718p77

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