Bio-cultural Heritage and Communities of Practice. Participatory Processes in Territorial Development as a Multidisciplinary Fieldwork - 2022

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(Perspectives on rural development, 6 / 2022)
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DOI Code: 10.1285/i26113775n6

Questions and problems contained in this volume was firstly discussed at the EASA 2020 Conference in Lisbon, entitled "New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe". Though all the Conference was celebrated in an online version, the Panel P122 "Bio-cultural heritage ad communities of practice: rethinking participatory processes in rural territorial development as a multidisciplinary fieldwork" offered the opportunity to present and passionately discuss several cases and themes showing the added value of disciplinary cooperation for interpreting as well as planning strategies to support communities and enhancing territories through the joint action of expert researchers and local stakeholders aiming at participatory and shared goals of development. This publication, aroused from this conference occasion, has been developed and enriched across the months through the contribution of some special multidisciplinary addressing topics and methodologies connected: first of all the Erasmus Plus Project EARTH – Education Agriculture Resources for Territories and Heritage and the different research-actions of the Centre of Research "BIOCULT - Biocultural Heritage and Local Development" of the University of Molise, engaged since 2015 in an articulated plan of shared researches on a multi-situated, multidisciplinary and multi-actors embedded analysis as well as oriented to sustainable, critical and deeply community-based projects of development.

Table of Contents

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Frontespizio e pagine iniziali     PDF

Contents     PDF

Contributors     PDF

Preface     PDF
Angelo Belliggiano 13-14

Bio-cultural Heritage and Communities of Practice. Participatory Processes in Territorial Development as a Multidisciplinary Fieldwork     PDF
Letizia Bindi 15-36

Transitions and participatory processes on the local     PDF

From matters of fact to matters of concern: Conserving Biodiversity in landscapes of (be)longing     PDF
Oliver Müller 39-66

TrasiMemo. Banca della memoria del Trasimeno     PDF
Cinzia Marchesini, Daniele Parbuono 67-90

Ways of Saint James in the region of Tâmega e Sousa: proposals of patrimonial valorisation of the Resende Way     PDF
Pedro Azevedo 91-108

Redes y dinamización territorial como factores clave para la valorización del patrimonio biocultural     PDF
Giovanni Belletti, Claudia Ranaboldo, Paola Scarpellini, Sara Gabellini, Silvia Scaramuzzi 109-138

An approach to winemaking in Colombia from the perspective of tourism and culture     PDF
Wladimir Mejia Ayala 139-166

Sustainable rural development between tradition and innovation: a focus on pastoralism     PDF

Contemporary aspects of pastoralism - between economy and cultural heritage. Examples from the Silesian Beskid Mountains (Poland)     PDF
Kinga Czerwinska 169-190

Voci del Molise. Anthropological perspectives for participatory development     PDF
Jacopo Trivisonno 191-208

Romanian transhumance: from enduring folk mythology to contemporary cultural and biological heritage     PDF
Ioana Baskerville 209-230

Creativity and social innovation in regeneration of rural and montainous territories     PDF

Alla ricerca della cultura: valorizzare la cultura come fattore di sviluppo delle comunità rurali del Trentino     PDF
Ivo Povinelli, Chiara Dallapè, Lorenzo Baratter, Roberta Raffaetà 233-252

Vivace, Largo, Andante, Allegro ma non troppo. Creativity and rural regeneration in four movements     PDF
Letizia Bindi 253-304

Postfazione     PDF
Giovanni Belletti 305-311

Colophon     PDF

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