L'efficienza di un Regno: giustizia, controllo sociale e religiosità in Federico II di Svevia (1194-1250)


Frederick II Roger of Hohenstaufen, raised and educated in the context of the Arab-Norman civilization of Sicily, gave his kingdom a highly innovative character, with successful directions and attitudes. His intense and complex action of renewal manifested itself in various fields of knowledge, through a moralizing and cultural legislative activity to which the emperor entrusted his judicial and executive power in the Regnum Siciliae. But what is often overlooked about the Swabian's personality is that he exercised some principles of solidarity and justice which, perhaps, show a slightly different man, with feelings of humanity, fearful of God and of the Church.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v13i1p255

Keywords: Frederick II; justice; humanity

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