Luoghi e culti per il santuario della Madonna del Buon Consiglio a Scutari


Starting from documents in archive (convent of Our Lady, Genazzano) and images (photo album by Carlo Galli in Italian Geographic Society, Rome) this paper analyzes texts regarding the devotion to Our Lady of Good Counsel in Shkoder and similar worship in Genazzano. The modification of the place identified as the first site of the image is investigated (according to the legend, the place of miraculous angelic departure in 1467): for prodigies reported up to XIXth century it was identified at the church of S. Mary Magdalene in Casena beyond the Buna river; since 1875 recognized at the current location on the opposite side. The cults are specified in this two places (in Casena, S. Mary Magdalene; in the ruins under the castle reused as foundation of the new sanctuary, Our Lady of Shkoder).

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v12i2p165

Keywords: Genazzano; Shkodër; Albania; sanctuary; Our Lady of Good Counsel; popular devotion; Marian cult

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