Lavoratrici ucraine a Napoli e provincia: esperienze lavorative, contesto abitativo e problematiche inclusive


Ukrainian working women in Naples and its province: work experiences, home environment and integration challenges. This article examines female Ukrainian workers and their living conditions in the city and province of Naples, with a special focus on the integration challenges encountered in their new environment. For the purpose of ethnographic research, twenty-five Ukrainian women were asked to answer a questionnaire of 55 questions with the aim of gathering information on their personal lives including how they arrived in Italy, their family backgrounds, work conditions, accommodation and free time. The research showed a very close relationship between female immigration and undeclared work. However, today's Ukrainian women are more likely to find employment opportunities as domestic helpers and/or caregivers while sharing the same household of their employers, not without consequences. In fact, the very nature of these jobs would generally feed a fair degree of isolation, which in the end, would affect their ability to interact outside the workplace and therefore undermine their social and economic inclusion in the Italian.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v12i2p141

Keywords: Ukrainian women workers; Naples; Campania Region; caregivers; female migration; work; housing; inclusion

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