Prima la parola. La scolarizzazione "difficile" di Rom e Sinti


Italy was the first European country to experience Covid-19 disease and it's still unclear what effect and implications the "social pandemic" might have reached in many fields. The Roma and Sinti communities living in big cities settlements have faced an "emergency in the emergency": with specific reference to their educational inclusion, further considerations are needed on how much the pandemic has exacerbated existing criticalities among the Roma and Sinti communities. In front of us, temporarily, we have an important appointment to reflect on: the launch of a new National Inclusion Strategy for 2022-2030. The objective of this brief analysis is to understand the characteristics of the "difficult schooling" of Roma and Sinti in Italy and to verify if the are elements to define an Italian way of "affirmative actions" that fits harmoniously into our mainstream intercultural framework.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v10i2p281

Keywords: Social pandemic; Roma and Sinti; Education; School enrolment, attendance, attainment

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