Inclusione, esclusione e diseguaglianze sociali: lo stato dell'arte dei dati


In this paper is shown a review of the Istat works about the themes of inclusion, exclusion and social inequalities. The main results of a survey carried out in 2013-2015, and the approaches followed are presented. This survey investigated the existing data sources and metadata about Roma populations. The need to establish a statistical working group on data relating to the Roma population is explained, as foreseen in the implementation of the Strategy. The activity of this working group aims to provide the guidelines for collecting and processing data concerning the Roma populations together with the institutions and public bodies involve, as well as to harmonize data and existing metadata and systematizatize data sources. Moreover, the Istat survey, which aims to analyze the existing data on housing transitions, is presented. The last goal is part of the agreement with Unar of March 1 2018, and is taking place in recent months.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v8i1p227

Keywords: Inclusion; Data Sources; Metadata; Social Inequalities; Roma Population

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