Riflessioni sull'opera di Giuseppe Pitrè nel primo centenario della scomparsa. Gli scritti inediti


The essay, on the occasion of the first centenary of the disappearance of Giuseppe Pitrè (1841-1916), focuses on those unpublished works that have been edited and published during the National edtion of 1985, which was dedicated to the most accomplished folklorist of Palermo. The topic of this essay is mostly aimed to the lessons the Professor held at the University of Palermo since 1910 until 1916.The former edition made possible to focus on about sixty papers, including unpublished ones, that frame the magnitude of his contribute to the study of peculiar folklore in Sicily: "Demopsicologia" through which a part of popular Italian poetry, foreign popular poetry and short stories, have been brought to new life. Pitrè has impressed the academic interest on such this folkloristic studies and through this new essay, we may now see more clearly the greatness of his contribution to a discipline that lead us close to our real cultural belongings.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22804250v6i1p136

Keywords: Pitrè; Demopsicologia; Folklore; Sicilia

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