Squatting and Urban Commons: Creating Alternatives to Neoliberalism


Here we introduce the special issue of Partecipazione e Conflitto concerning the theme "Squatting and Urban Commons: Creating Alternatives to Neoliberalism". In particular, we present the context and origins of this edition, the rationale behind these theoretical and empirical concerns, and the main contents of the gathered articles.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20356609v13i3p1244

Keywords: Neoliberalism; self-management; squatting; SqEK; urban commons


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Articles published in this Special Issue

Calafati L. (2020), “Squat to Work. Squatted Workspaces, the Commons and Solidarity Economies in Europe”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(2): 1252-1268.

González R., D. de Santiago, and M.A. Rodríguez (2020), “Squatted and Self-Managed Social Centres in Mexico City: Four Case Studies from 1978-2020”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(2): 1269-1289.

Rauleac G. (2020), £Navigating the Limits of Capitalism to Resist Urban Marginality: The Case of the Casa Madiba Network”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(2): 1290-1307.

Kotyk L. (2020), “Governing without Governed and Governors: An Attempt to Establish a Non-Hierarchical Organizational Repertoire”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(2): 1308-1323.

Pruijt H. (2020), “City-Level Action in a City-Wide Urban Commons. Amsterdam, 1977-1983”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(2): 1324-1337.

Debelle dos Santos G. (2020), “Squatting, Commons and Conflict: A Discussion of Squatting’s Challenges to the Commons”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(3): 1338-1354.

Polanska D.V., T. Weldon (2020), “In Search of Urban Commons Through Squatting: The Role of Knowledge Sharing in the Creation and Organization of Everyday Utopian Spaces in Sweden”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(2): 1355-1372.

Ighe A. (2020), “Empty Space, Open Space. Claiming, Reaching and Remembering Common Ground in Urban Squats. Haga in the 1980’s”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(2): 1373-1389.

Martínez M.A. (2020), “Urban Commons from an Anti-Capitalist Approach”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 13(2): 1390-1410.

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