Representing and Redefining Specialised Knowledge: Medical Discourse - 2019

edited by Anthony Baldry, Francesca Bianchi, Anna Loiacono Full Version (PDF)
(Linguaggi specialistici e traduzione tecnica, 1 / 2019)
Linguaggi specialistici e traduzione tecnica n. 1 2019 - CoverISSN: 2724-1688
ISBN: 978-88-8305-153-1
DOI: 10.1285/i9788883051531

Table of Contents

Frontespizio e pagine iniziali     PDF

Table of contents     PDF

Chapters     PDF

Preface to this volume     PDF
Anthony Baldry, Francesca Bianchi, Anna Loiacono 7-10

Introduction to the volume     PDF
Anthony Baldry 11-46

HIV Discourse in the British Medical Journal, 1985-2005. The impact of digital literacy and Evidence-Based Medicine on syntactic patterns and variations in RA titles     PDF
Stefania Consonni 47-70

Does meat cause cancer? The discursive construction of meat carcinogenicity in a corpus of scientific texts     PDF
Sabrina Fusari 71-92

Mapping medical acronyms     PDF
Anna Loiacono, Francesca Tursi 93-126

Disambiguating near synonyms in medical discourse. A multilayered corpus analysis of disease, illness and sickness in the British National Corpus     PDF
Stefania M. Maci, Réka R. Jablonkai, Marek Lukasik, Sophiko Daraselia, Daniel Knuchel 127-150

Ain’t that sweet. Reflections on scene level indexing and annotation in the House Corpus Project     PDF
Davide Taibi, Ivana Marenzi, Qazi Asim Ijaz Ahmad 151-181

Colophon     PDF

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