Dal nulla alla vita. Il Pantanal trasfigurato del Livro de pré-coisas di Manoel de Barros


Abstract – This paper proposes an analysis of Livro de pré-coisas (1985) by Manoel de Barros, focusing its relevance in the wider context of the works of the Brazilian poet. The presence of elements coming from the landscape of the Pantanal is investigated so as to demonstrate the deep influence of the region of origin of Barros on the genesis and development of his poetic diction. The process of deterioration and subsequent regeneration observed in nature shapes the style and personality of the pages of this book and results in a unique perspective on life and existence.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22390359v32p43

Keywords: Manoel de Barros; Pantanal; cosmic regionalism; Brazilian poetry


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