Paisajes lingüísticos de la migración. Contextos mediáticos, urbanos y formativos


New plurilingual spaces reflect a (super)diversity, which represents, in turn, an important indicator of the fluid and dynamic changes taking place in the structure of society today. Based on these considerations originating within the sociolinguistic paradigm that considers the interrelationship between plurilingualism and pluriculturalism in interactional space, the authors of the papers collected in this special issue adopt interdisciplinary views. They combine social theories and media studies, pragmatic, discourse and linguistic analysis, the theory of perception, aesthetics and semiotics to shed light on the complexity and plurality of the experience, practice and perception of the new spaces in media, urban and educational environments.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22390359v25

Keywords: LL of migration, institutional contexts, plurilingualism/pluriculturalism, (super)diversity, new spaces

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