Dio e l’uomo. Due assoluti a confronto nella poesia di Miguel Torga


Abstract - This paper aims to illustrate the hard existential itinerary of the Portuguese poet and doctor Adolfo Correia Rocha, better known as Miguel Torga. Starting from a strictly Catholic education, the poet passes through a deep crisis that will mark all his life. Unable to accept an absolute God who condemns his creatures to sin and death, Miguel Torga decides to rise up and to call into question the nature of the Creator and his own existence, in the meanwhile searching for a divine nature intrinsic to the human being. By analizing his poetical production, it is possible to recognize a passage from an age of spontaneous faith to an age of rebellion and, finally, to a peaceful acceptance of his own spiritual conflict. Talked God down, Man rises up, defining a new reference system in which Earth and Poetry become the coordinates of a new religion: the “religion of Man”.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22390359v19p235

Keywords: Poetical production; Rebellion; Torguian humanism; “Religion of Poetry”; Agnosticism


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