Symbolic Universes: a specific declination within the Health Institution


The goal of this paper is to identify and interpret the relationship between the Symbolic Universes (S.U.) and their specific declination in the health context, more precisely how it is expressed in the focus groups on vaccinations. I will introduce to the reader the theoretical background that substantiates and motivates research. Starting from the adoption of the culturalist approach to psychological discipline, I will report the characteristics that distinguish it and the critical issues it tries to face. I will continue by illustrating the results of the first phase of the Re.Cri.Re. through the identification and definition of symbolic universes. I will then illustrate the methods and tools used to carry out research, the results obtained from the analysis and the interpretation of the results.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i25327518v3i1p31

Keywords: cultural psychology; health institution; governance

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