Vaginal infections in diabetic woman.


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that can affect any organ or system of the body. Diabetes mellitus has long been considered as one of the factors causing Candida vaginitis and has the potential to affect sexual function in women. Infectious diseases are more prevalent in individuals with Diabetes Mellitus. One of the problems of women with diabetes is resistant vulvovaginitis, which is related to some factors such as neuropathy, hyperglycemia, allergy and atopy. Women's interest in, satisfaction with, and ability to participate in sexual activity may be influenced globally by the effect of diabetes on their overall health, physical and mental functioning, and interpersonal relationships. Additionally, sexual function may be adversely affected by diabetes medications or other health interventions. This manuscript is a comprehensive review on vulvovaginal infections in diabetic patients.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i25327518v2i1p51

Keywords: Diabetes; vulvovaginal infections; vaginitis; Candidiasis; recurrent infections; genital yeast infections; genital mycotic infections; fungal infections; sexual dysfunction

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